Security Camera Systems

We offer services for the deployment and installation of surveillance cameras and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) devices. We consider ourselves to be reputable sellers of quality hidden cameras, security cameras, spy equipment, and surveillance systems. Electronic security system can help protect your business from burglary and intrusion that could result in devastating property loss and damage.

Security Cameras
Cash register Casio Intown

Cash Registers

InTown is a supplier of office products, accessories and supplies for the consumer and small business markets. The cash register is the solution for restaurant and food service operators looking for robust and sophisticated features, reliability and value. We provide cash registers ideal for small to medium retail or restaurants, convenience and grocery stores that require dependable performance with available additions such as scanning and scale interfaces.

Cash Registers
POS Systems

Point-of-sale systems

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, we’ll provide a clear vision and understanding of how advanced point of sale systems and technologies can be used to gain a distinct advantage over your competitors then help you realize this vision.

We deals in:

  • Grocery store checkout systems
  • Retail point of sale
  • Restaurant POS